TCS Telecom Inc.

About TCS Telecom

TCS provides strategic, creative, and technology solutions to our customers and clients. We develop lasting long-term relationships with our customers and clients that allow them to design and build products and services that shape the way the world perceives and interacts with their company. Simply, it's what their customers or clients feel when they call, go to their web site, or use one of their products. Increasingly, that experience is the most significant reason that people will choose their brand over the competition. TCS - we are your communications solution!

TCS Telecom, Inc. is an FCC registered reseller of long distance telecommunication services headquartered in Rockport, Texas. TCS sells in both the wholesale and retail market with customers located throughout the mid-west from Texas to Minnesota. As a reseller of telecommunication services, TCS has contracts with several of the nations largest facilities-based long distance carriers allowing TCS to bring its customers the most cost-effective long distance to meet their specific application. TCS further enhances this service with its own brand of customer service designed specifically to support TCS's customers in their day-to-day business.

In its wholesale business, TCS specializes in serving the independent telephone local exchange (ILEC) community. TCS currently serves over 40 ILEC customers with over 400,000 access lines in the mid-west and upper mid-west. TCS's ILEC customers receive customized reporting and call detail records that enable them to easily bill and manage their end-user customers thus enhancing service to their own customers.

TCS also sells long distance directly to end-users and offers attractive rates in all the states in which it provides service. TCS has a lucrative commission plan as it seeks to grow and expand its base and, as such, continually screens for new agents that meet TCS high standards for integrity and service.